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Areas of expertise

gotraduki offers professional translations in many areas of expertise. Our specialised native graduate translators are the guarantee for the necessary quality level of your translation in any area of expertise:


gotraduki translates legal and legislative texts for courts, public prosecutor’s offices, law firms, notaries, private individuals and companies, universities, institutions and authorities, like e.g.

T&C, orders, court correspondence (indictments, statements of claim, letters rogatory, deeds of transfer, summons) notarial deeds, minutes, patent claims, patent registrations, patent descriptions, divorce decrees, contracts (e.g. contracts of employment, prenuptial agreements, manager contracts, purchase contracts, loan agreements, cooperation agreements, licence agreements, rental and lease agreements, insurance contracts), powers of attorney.

Business and commerce

gotraduki translates specialised and legislative texts for private individuals, companies and authorities pertaining to banking, financial, insurance, business policy, etc. like e.g.

bids, invitations to tender, analyses, balance sheets, brochures, cash-flow reports, business reports, business correspondence, extracts of the company register, investment analyses, project planning documents, test reports, commercial registry applications, minutes of meetings, articles of association, lectures, customs documents.


gotraduki translates your presentation material, Web sites, Intranet portals and print media, like e.g.:

advertisements, brochures, folders, flyers, magazines, customer magazines, presentations, press releases, product catalogues, prospectuses, Web sites, advertising material.


gotraduki translates specialised texts in the fields of plastics technology and laboratory technology, and from the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, textile industry for manufacturers and suppliers of paints and fireworks, like e.g.:

anorganic elements and chemicals, building protection agents, paints and varnishes, colouring agents, fungicides, fertilisers, adhesives, preservatives, hygiene products, plastics, organic elements and chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, cleaning agents.


gotraduki translates specialised texts in the fields of human medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmaceutics and medical engineering. This includes texts, articles, descriptions, expert opinions, reports and certificates in connection with the prevention, diagnosis and ensuing treatment of diseases, like e.g.:

medical certificates, medical expert opinions, operating instructions of medical devices and instruments, manuals for electromedical devices, medical special software, patient information, package inserts (instruction leaflets), clinical trial protocols, examination reports, scientific press articles, product characteristic summaries.

Information technology

gotraduki translates specialised texts in the fields of information technology, microprocessor technology, virtualisation, programming, digital imaging and publishing, telephony, mobile communication, like e.g.:

instructions, antivirus/security software, operating systems, computer games, databases relational DB, SQL), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), installation instructions for network components, routers, servers, switches, storage components/media, peripheral devices and other hardware components, software manuals, software documentation, software localisation, system software online helps, etc.


gotraduki translates texts in numerous technical fields, like architecture, plant engineering, automotive engineering, automation, rail construction, construction, coal mining, fuels, bridge construction, chemical, thermal, and mechanical process engineering, electronics, electrical engineering, renewable energies, telecommunications, aircraft construction, heating technology, air conditioning systems, power plant construction, agriculture, mechanical engineering, medical engineering, metrology, metallurgy, telecommunication engineering, food industry, control engineering, welding technology, steel industry, road construction, textile industry, civil and underground engineering, tunnel construction, environmental technology, consumer electronics, vacuum engineering, process engineering, like e.g.:

invitations to tenders, user instructions, operating instructions, surveys, bills of quantities, machine descriptions, assembly instructions, specification sheets, specifications, safety instructions, technical documentation, maintenance instructions.


gotraduki translates surveys, policies, events of damage statements and claims settlement agreements, and accident reports from the following insurance areas: car insurance, health / accident insurance, life assurance, personal liability insurance, indemnity.


gotraduki translates all kinds of certifications, like credentials, job applications, birth certificates, university degrees, police clearance certificates, marriage certificates, curriculums vitae, divorce decrees, death certificates, powers of attorney, work references, for private individuals, companies, and authorities.